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Looking for a choker that's as seductive as it is empowering? Look no further than the Eclipse choker! Inspired by the sacred event of an eclipse, this choker brings together the power of two celestial bodies into one sleek and stylish accessory.


Featuring a symbolic O-ring that connects two straps and a sleek buckle at the nape of the neck, this choker is both durable and powerful, giving you the confidence to take on any situation. And with a wide variety of hardware material and color options to choose from, you can customize your choker to fit your unique style and personality.


But that's not all - with two different sizes to choose from (small/medium and medium/large), as well as the option for a custom fit at no additional cost, you can be sure that your choker will fit you perfectly, no matter what your size or shape may be.

And if you love the seductive and empowering vibe of the Eclipse choker, be sure to check out our other tantalizing chokers, like the Choke Me, Zaddy Collar, and Prism Collar.


At Black Wolf Leather, we're all about empowering our customers to explore their kinkiest, sexiest selves - and as a small queer and Black-owned business that's been serving the community since 2009, we're proud to be a part of your journey. So why wait? Order your Eclipse choker today and step into your power like never before! And if you're feeling extra adventurous, shoot us a message about a custom-made piece - we're always excited to help bring your wildest fantasies to life.

Eclipse Choker

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