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Sponsorship Winners!

October 26, 2015

These pets have an unique opportunity to earn a custom pet hood by posting six original pieces of content.  If this is something you would like to get in on, check in six months from now. Till then let's me introduce you to the winners! ​







Kujo is a FtM Hawaii native currently trying to not burn up in the Arizona sun. While in school studying digital culture and art at the moment, he's also working on starting up his own video game company. He's been into pet play for a few years now and enjoys being on both sides of the leash, though his favorite is playing as a pup












Hi there, I'm Lina! In the vanilla world, I'm a pretty typical geek – too many hobbies, too little attention span, and too much of a goofball to care. In the kink world, I've been a happy little pup for about a year. I discovered pet play through some of my favorite people, and immediately was hooked. There's something about the bond that people share with their animals, some connection that I think I always wanted to have in my own life.


Even though I've only been a pup for about a year, it's become a huge part of my life. My play is my stress relief, my meditation, and my w​ay to keep myself grounded and positive in dark times. It's also my way of connecting with my owner and my friends in a way that few others understand. When I play, my walls come down, and I can feel nothing but love. I can clear my mind and focus on giving my time, energy, and affection without regard to societal norms. I can be free in a way that I can't describe. It's almost like a little secret we share, and I treasure it greatly.


I'm currently living in southwest Missouri with my husband, helping to organize events for human pets and their handlers. You can find me on FetLife as LinaPilchard, or if you happen to be in the neighborhood, feel free to send me a message so we can get you to come to a munch!








Hello! My name is Dox, and I am many things. Some words I use to define myself are pansexual, cis female, nerdy, creative, disabled and kinky. Being disabled and navigating the kink scene and pet-play has been a rewarding adventure, but there has been no lack of challenges. Luckily I have met some of the most amazing people threw exploring pet-play, many of which have helped me find ways around my disability. My pet persona is still evolving. Currently I enjoy being a silver fox or a border collie, depending on my mood. Wags and belly rubs! 

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