The Tiamat Harness is inspired by Tiamat, primordial goddess and creator of the first deities. At the beginning of Tiamat’s story, she personifies a young and fertile mother, giving birth to a multitude of the first generation of deities. During this stage, Tiamat is described as calm and loving. But when her offspring become  murderous, killing her husband Apsu, The Sun, Tiamat enters her second phase — and her anger transforms her into a vengeful monster with five independent heads. Ultimately, this leads to Tiamat’s demise, as her need for revenge and formidable power leads her into battle with rival god Marduk. In the end, Marduk’s orbit force collided  with Tiamat's, and the impact caused her to be split in two. 


The Tiamat harness is laden with symmetry and symbolism, with  the vertically divisive lines and the dual reversible use of the harness symbolizing  of her demise . The design tells a story about the beauty of death and transformation.


* Each harness is handmade-to-order and custom-made to your specific measurements. Created with beautifully polished, sturdy black Latigo leather and your choice of hardware color.



Tiamat Harness

  • Wrap the measuring tape somewhat loosely around the fullest part of your chest (at nipple level). Round to the nearest whole number measurement in inches.